Liver Cleansing and Detox
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Tian Long Detox Procedure

        Dr. Wang designs and formulates Tian Long Detox Procedure that cleanse the liver, bile ducts, gallbladder and intestines. Liver is the largest organ of detoxification in our body. The detox is an all natural formula that flushes the liver so to get rid of the gall stones and toxins. 

1. All natural herbal extract that increase bile production;

2. It relaxes the sphincter muscle around the gallbladder outlet so to expel the 


3. It protects the liver functions and gets rid of toxins;

4. It lowers the cholesterol level by excreting bile acid;

5. It helps promote general health by eliminating or relieving allergies;

6. It is a two days procedure that requires you to follow closely to the procedure;

7. It has no side effects;

8. After one procedure, it help excrete hundreds or thousands of bile stones;

9. It helps relieve symptoms such as eczema, acnes, skin itchiness, asthma, chronic 

   fatigue, and many other symptoms.