Weight Control
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    Tian Long Acupuncture has a comprehensive weight control program that includes specific points stimulation , detox and Chinese herbal formulas (Tian Long Slim Fast Herbal Extract).

    Some many people have struggled with their weight and/or health problems. Many of them have given it up after they tried various methods to lose their weight without success. They tried acupuncture, massage, herbs, medications, machines, exercises, aerobics and numerous diets including Atkins Diet. Some people even go with exact calorie calculations of each meal. 

    Dr. Wang has done a lot of medical literature and diet review and believes that the ultimate way of losing weight is to change the life style, or eating style rather. Many people insist that three meals a day is the healthiest way to eating. If one wants to lose weight, then they should eat small portion of each meal. Contrarily, Dr. Wang recommend one meal a day together with the help of acupuncture and herbal extract. If a person eats one meal a day, then there is a 24 hours time for the energy to burn and the body itself will readjust the energy metabolism. 

    In Cecil Textbook of medicine, it is said that rodents will live 50% longer if their food is cut down by 50% of ad lib diet and avoiding vitamin and mineral deficiencies. In humans, diet restriction will lower the blood sugar level and increase insulin efficiency so to improve the overall health. 

    Theoretically, food restriction will cause adjustment of metabolism and lead to weight loss because of energy supply cutoff and more efficiency of energy use.  More important is that less fat in the body will reduce the retention of poisonous substances in our body and lowers the incidence of malignancies. 

    The unique combination of acupuncture, detox and herbal medicine from Tian Long will help you lose weight easily. The program will make you healthier!

    The program includes the following treatments: 

    1. Acupuncture treatment every other day or twice a week;

    2. Detox every two weeks;

    3. Herbal Extract every day for 1 month or longer as needed

    4. No Exercises!