Comprehensive Health Consultation
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Comprehensive Health Consultation

        At Tian Long Acupuncture Clinic, you can have a comprehensive health consultation in both Chinese medicine and western medicine. Western medicine focuses on the laboratory findings and imaging diagnosis which are accurate and crucial to make clinical diagnosis where Chinese medicine concentrates on the balance of body function such as qi and blood, yin and yang, internal organs where the sub-clinical health is more relevant. Therefore the combination of both medical paradigms make more sense in the promotion of health. 

        The consultation consists of history review, physical examination, tongue diagnosis, pulse diagnosis, lab findings review ( if any), diagnosis in western medicine, diagnosis in Chinese medicine and the overall evaluation of your health. Then Dr. Wang will give your detailed suggestions on what you should do to improve your general well being, including, dieting, exercising, acupuncture treatment and/or Chinese medicine.

        If you are overall healthy and have no medical issues such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, elevated blood sugar level, or other medical conditions, you are recommended to have one consultation every 6 to 8 months to assure a good health status. If there is a current medical relevance, then the consultation should be taken every 2 to 3 months in order to maintain a satisfactory health.

        Why do I need a comprehensive health consultation from Dr. Wang? 

        1. How is my overall health status? 

        2. How is my Yin/Yang balance? 

        3. How are my current medications affecting my system? 

        4. Do I  need acupuncture upregulation of my system?

        5. Do I need to improve my circulation?

        6. How should I improve my overall health?

        7. Do I need a detox?