Magnetic Pain Relief and Healing
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Magnetic Pain Relief and Healing

 by Michael Sinclair

I have written this brief summary to share information about my own experience with:

  • magnetic pain relief and healing;

  • various types of magnetic products; and

  • suppliers of magnets and magnetic products.


I have no financial interest in or business relationship with any of the companies mentioned in this email.  I just want to share something that has helped my muscular injuries (that I am much more prone to since getting Fibromyalgia to heal much more quickly and to diminish my muscular pain levels. 




At the outset it is important to emphasize that there are two distinctly different types of health benefits attainable from magnetic products:


1.      Temporary pain relief in muscles when pain levels are high;

2.      Accelerated healing of muscle injuries.


I have had Fibromyalgia (FM) since 1983.  I had serious pain in most of the diagnostic FM points and had a great deal of trouble sleeping.  After using a magnetic mattress and finding some generalized pain relief, I began to try other magnetic products for healing of more localized muscle injuries and pain relief.  Since developing FM, I have found that I am very much more vulnerable to muscle injuries such as tennis elbow and muscle tears in my thighs.  Before using magnetic products, it would take many months to heal these injuries.  I was initially very skeptical about using magnets since I had tried many other highly-touted products and therapies without experiencing any significant improvements.


I first tried using localized magnet therapy on a tennis elbow injury that had plagued me for almost a year, and on which I had spent a lot of money on physio treatments and splints.  Less than 2 weeks after applying the magnets it was almost completely healed, much to my surprise.  After this initial success, I began to use magnets to accelerate healing of injuries to muscles in my back, thighs and other areas.  Since then I have not needed to visit a physiotherapist for treatment of most muscle-related injuries 每 I treat them myself. 




Spot Magnets:  are small (about 1/8th of an inch in diameter) disc-shaped magnets that I have found to be highly effective when taped to the sore muscle points in my neck and back, as well as other parts of the body where wraps cannot be conveniently used 每 for example, the neck, upper back and shoulders, and the muscles near the hip joint.  In these situations, I typically use spot magnets of 2500 Gauss (a measure of magnetic field strength) or stronger.  Accurate placement of the magnets is important, so I probe for sore spots or muscle knots with my fingers, then mark an ※X§ on these spots with a ballpoint pen.  For sore points on your back it is helpful to have someone else mark the sore points that you identify.


They can then apply the little adhesive plasters (round stickers made of band-aid material and about ¾ inch in diameter and to which the magnets are first fastened) to the marked sore points.  If I run out of the plasters, I use ¾ inch wide paper tape.  With this tape you can run a strip of 3 or 4 magnets along a sore muscle, spaced about 1 inch apart.  Paper tape is also much less expensive than the adhesive plasters (although less convenient for hard-to-reach sore spots), and allows the skin to breathe better that the plasters.


Good-quality spot magnets usually have a dimple or small point on the side that is placed against the skin.  Spot magnets usually come in envelopes of 12 magnets with at least 24 adhesive plasters to hold the magnets in place.  You can typically leave them on for about 4 to 7 days, depending on the sensitivity of your skin.


A package of 10 or 12 x 2500 gauss magnets costs about $12 to $15 at present, and good-quality magnets can be re-used almost indefinitely.  You can get higher strength spot magnets up to 9,000 gauss, but they are much more expensive ($40 for 12), smaller and therefore easier to lose, and do not necessarily provide a proportional increase in healing power.


Spot magnets are a low-cost and very effective way to get started in magnetic healing.  If you find spot magnets to be helpful, then you probably will also benefit from some of the more specialized magnetic products listed in the next paragraph.


Other Magnetic Products:  There are a number of more specialized products containing multiple magnets, including mattresses, belts, insoles, elasticized tube-shaped elbow and thigh wraps, necklaces, seat and back cushions, necklaces, etc.  The advantage of these products is that they do not have to be taped in place and can conveniently cover a much larger area of the body than spot magnets.  For more details about these products, check out the websites of the suppliers noted below.




YCY Better Health Centre is located at 9253 Shaughnessy Street in Vancouver, near the north end of the Oak St. Bridge.  They operate a mail order health products company, but also sell to retail customers.  Contact information is provided at the bottom of their website home page.  This is one of the companies from which I buy the small ※spot§ magnets (about 1/8th of an inch in diameter) that are highly effective if taped to the sore muscle knots in my neck and back, as well as other parts of the body where wraps cannot be conveniently used.  I prefer the higher quality ACU-Band magnets that they sell, as the plating does not peel off like on some of the cheaper magnets from China.  For a package of 12 x 2500 Gauss magnets it costs $12.50 if you pick up the magnets at their store.  Mail order delivery costs extra.


Magnapak: is a mail order company in eastern Canada from whom I have bought elasticized fabric wraps containing magnets, a magnetic belt, as well as a magnetic mattress.  I have found their elbow/forearm wraps to be extremely effective in healing tennis elbow.  They also have some books on magnetic healing if you want to delve more deeply into the theory and practice. 


Relaxus: is a retail and wholesale health products company with a Showroom at 101 West 5th Avenue in Vancouver. They sell packages of 10 magnets and 50 ※plasters§ to attach the magnets to your skin.  The magnets come in both 1000 and 2500 gauss strengths.  I am currently using their 2500 gauss magnets ($11.99/package) and they seem to work as well as other brands I have used to far.  You can also buy these Relaxus brand ※Magnetic Bandages§ at Marks Pharmacy drugstores, including the one on Cambie St. just across from Oakridge.


Nikken:  makes some very good magnetic products but, with multiple levels of distributor markups, they are pretty pricey by the time they reach the consumer level.  I personally own a Nikken mattress topper that I have used for many years.  It helped me sleep during the most painful FM years when I was still working.  Nikken also makes some very good insoles 每 black flexible plastic with little magnetic bumps on them which double as foot massagers.  However, the ※Elastomag§ Nikken elbow and leg wraps that I bought were less effective and comfortable than the ones from Magnapak.  Most of us already know someone who sells Nikken products.  If you do buy from Nikken, ask the person distributing the product for their so-called ※wholesale§ price.




Magnetic healing is very common in other parts of the world, especially Japan, China and Russia, but has been slow to be recognized by the North American medical profession.    However, I have found magnetic wraps and belts, and spot magnetic devices to be highly effective in healing muscle injuries including tennis elbow, strained upper and lower back muscles, and muscle tears in my thighs 每 usually within a few days and seldom more than a week.  Magnets have also proven useful in reducing pain in body areas where I did not have any specific muscular injuries, just generalized pain. 


If you are going to try magnetic healing, do not expect instant results 每 it will often take 3 to 7 days.  Use of magnets for pain relief will work within a much shorter time horizon 每 usually within a few hours.  Unlike many medications, magnetic therapy has not had any apparent side effects on me after more than 10 years of using it.  I cannot guarantee that magnetic therapy work for everyone but, based on my experience, it is well worth a try. 


Michael Sinclair