Pain Management
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Pain Management

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    What is pain? According to Chinese medicine, pain is caused by blood stagnation (blocked blood flow). Pain in nature is the result of inflammation, infectious or noninfectious. 

    Pain are the most common medical complaint in both western medical and Chinese medical practice. Also pain is the most common factor that affects people's life so significantly. there are so many different ways to manage pain, including, pain killer, sedatives, muscle relaxant, surgery, nerve blocking, anesthesia.

    Pain is most often caused by muscle, tendons or joint injuries, but it may be related to more severe health conditions such as cancer metastasis, nerve impingement, internal hemorrhage, gastric or intestinal perforation and so on. Therefore, the most important thing when pain is concerned is to establish the diagnosis.

    Acupuncture is one of the most effective treatment for pain. It is also getting more and more popular in North America. In an acupuncture treatment, needles are always used, which may be combined with electric impulse stimulation, cupping, scraping, acupressure or other assistive therapies. 

    A lot of people with severe or chronic pain often take acupuncture as the last resort when they come to an acupuncturist, since they have already tried medications, physiotherapy or chiropractor and saw very little improvement. 

    Dr. Wang has treated so many patients with all kinds of chronic pains caused by joint problem, muscle problem, soft tissue problems or nerve damage. What is unique about the acupuncture treatment in Tian Long is that Dr. Wang has created a special technique of acupuncture needling. Dr. Wang calls it point-specific acupuncture and group needling. He has been so successful with it in pain management that he has cured many who suffered from chronic pain for years. 

    Specially designed treatments for pain include:

            1. Compact treatment course

            2. Point-specific acupuncure

            3. group-needling

            4. assistive electric stimulation

            5. qi-style acupressure

            6. migrating cupping

            7. deep tissue stimulation 

            8. tendons and ligaments manipulation